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Orange County 911 Center, 22 Wells Farm Road, Gosh (map)

Legal Standards and Tactics in the Use of Force

02/19/19 0830-1530 Orange County 911 Auditorium

This training will evaluate the legal and operational needs of use of force policies, and training requirements, while maintaining officer safety. Topics will include de-escalation, it's meaning, legally and operationally, and how de-escalation is interpreted by society as a whole. The intended focus group for this training are ascending from first line supervisors through Chief's of Police

The training will be conducted by Eric P. Daigle of the Daigle Law Group. Mr. Daigle practices civil litigation in federal and state courts, with an emphasis on municipalities and public officials. His experience includes defending municipal clients in civil rights actions, including police misconduct litigation and employment actions, as well as premises and general tort liability. Attorney Daigle also defends the rights of officers charged with criminal acts, and has brought civil actions against those who have violated the legal rights of officers.

The course is free and you must register through this website.

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